How We Got Started


What started as a longing for a better bar of soap in 2001, ignited a spark that has lead us to a variety of products based on the basic principle of keeping it simple.


Noticing that many of the mass produced bar soaps left our skin dry and itchy, we set out to create a bar that was gentle, cleaned well, and left us with a refreshed feeling.


Unlike many commercial soaps, our soaps retain all of the naturally produced glycerin. To these base ingredients we add Shea Butter, as well as dried herbs and/or essential oils and/or fragrance oils. In an attempt to keep our soaps as natural as possible we do not add any colorants or other items that provide no benefit. 


After creating a great product for ourselves, we decided to share it as gifts to our friends and family, and they loved it too and wanting to buy more.


After a decade of just making just soaps, curiosity took its course and we branched out into other items that used many of the same or similar ingredients, all based on the principle of keeping it simple. Hence soy candles that are made from a renewable resource, use of high quality fragrances, and burn cleaner than paraffin.


All our products are hand made in small batches to ensure quality, and each item is wrapped, labeled, and finished by "the Otter".


We are always working on new products, so make sure to check back to see what is new.


We hope you enjoy our soap and other products as much as we do.